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Gleason Chemicals carrys a complete line of Spectrum Products which offers a complete line of high quality chemicals for use in research and laboratories. Products include:

* ACS, USP/NF and FCC grade chemicals
* Organic compounds and intermediates
* BiotechGrade chemicals
* High purity solvents and acids
* Analytical standards
* Buffers
* Standardized solutions
* Stains, Dyes and indicators
* Electronic/Cleanroom grade chemicals
* Laboratory reagents
* Bulk Fine chemicals
* Pharmaceutical intermediates
* Natural products and more

Gleason Chemicals offers hard to find chemicals and services to meet each customers individual fine chemical requirements. The safety products line is designed with comfort, and value. Products ranging from protective equipment to spill control to safety and compliance training programs. Also, a new line of laboratory equipment which includes balances and accessories, pH meters and electrodes,laboratory glassware, refrigerators/freezers, fume hoods, and thermometers, to name a few.